Veteran’s Memorial

Honoring Those Who Served

On the southeast corner of the Washington County Courthouse is our Veterans Memorial.

The memorial rests on a total of 76 pavers. The American way of life is wholly dependent, and is founded, upon that Spirit of ’76 which was eloquently expressed by the great statesman of the era, and to which those men pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. The pavers are arranged in a grid pattern which is thirteen pavers long. This gives recognition for the thirteen original colonies that declared themselves free and independent from tyranny of Great Britain. The grid is also six pavers wide, which makes this memorial uniquely suited to Indiana, the sixth state added after the formation of the Union.

There is a missing paver at the southeast corner of the grid. This serves to remind us of the unknown soldiers from all our wars, whose deaths were so complete that even their identity was lost and gone forever. There is also a missing paver at the northeast corner, and its absence reminds us of former and present MIA’s and our POW’s during their captivity. Emerging from pavers are twenty-one uprights. These are symbolic of a twenty-one gun salute given for those who have fallen in wartime. The uprights are placed chronologically east and west, symbolic of the settlement pattern of both our country and county.